Friday, April 13, 2007

Pie without Pi != Pie

While I see that the argument over what "is pie" has been based on an incomplete premise, I don't hold it against anyone at this point. The Vatican shows mercy for heretics. The simple point is this, Pie without Pi is simply not Pie; it is Pe. And as everyone who is familiar with the blasphemous Ancient Egyptian Lies (propigated by the Liberal Media whose Pie-o-sexual agenda is not looked kindly upon by those of us in power) know that Pe was a simple villiage of Pie fearing Piegonaughts that were absorbed by the wicked ibis-and-crocodillian-head-loving hethens of Del to form the city of Buto. Did you know the people of Buto worshiped the shrew? Ridiculous. This is no Lie.

In addition to the crust changing, the integration of Pi seems obvious. Pigs in a blanket is not pie - they are best associated with some malformed toplogy discussion. One could argu that the 'pig' has both pi and Pi, but the thing to remember is that this is only a minor part of the whole experience. "PiaB" is a filthy abomination on the Eyes of the Pie Vatican because of the unweildy shape and desperate attempt to infiltrate the pure and holy realms.

Perogi - not pie. They are oblong (at best) and Pi wants no place in the perverse universe of the distorted purity of Pi Pie. While super yummy, they are most definitely not pie.

While some of you may disagree, I believe the following link will prove and validate my (The Church's) opinion that Pie without Pi is like an abusive relationship without a Fist Hickey : linky

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