Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pie Town, New Mexico: Town of Pie

Folks, this here is Pie Town, New Mexico, site of an annual pie festival, held in September. I will be in Pie Town three weeks from now; in other words, six months too late. They better still have some pie when I get there. And I don’t mean pigs-in-a-blanket, or sausage rolls, or pierogi, or some kind of Peter Framptom thingummy.

I get the impression that there is not much of interest to the pie scientist in Pie Town. Seems like it’s just pie, pure and simple and indisputable. I will be prepared for any crazy unexpected anomaly of course, but this town will probably be of more interest to the pie historian, pie documentarian, and pie glutton. You may be sure I will investigate matters thoroughly on that basis.

Expect my report mid-May. Until then, content yourself with this 2005 Smithsonian article about the history of Pie Town, New Mexico: Town of Pie.

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Rev. Dr. Dale L. Houston said...

A villiage named "Pie Town" MUST, under Church Law, have Pie all year round. If they do not, may I suggest a purging through the holy flames of gasoline?