Friday, March 30, 2007

Pierogi - small filled pies. No shit.

I've been eating pierogi for a while now and I never would have thought to call them "pies." After all, I (and most people--"people" being Americans) boil or fry them, right? Turns out that's because I wasn't making them from freakin' scratch like these crazy Russians. All of a sudden it makes sense. Hello, PIErogi! Duh.

FYI: In Russia a pierog (russ.: пирог) is a big pie with one filling. Small pierogi are called pierozhkí (russ.: пирожки).

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Jenn said...

My family, being of Polish descent, has always made pierogies from scratch but do not frown on Mrs. T's frozen ones either. Because, really, how can mashed potato and cheese in dough suck? It just can't!